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VODAN Africa Team Deploy Localized CEDAR in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and The Netherlands


The VODAN Africa team has successfully installed the localized CEDAR in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and at Leiden University in The Netherlands. The deployments were done by the VODAN African Team in these countries under the supervision of the CEDAR deployment team led by Oluwole Afolabi, Ruduan Plug, Ezra Mwesigwa, Mariam Basajja, and Aliya Aktau.

This is a great step in the production of observational patients’ data across selected 83 health facilities in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Liberia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. The local deployment ensures that data produced within these health facilities stay there and will be under the supervision of the regulatory agencies in each participating country.

“Our passion is the quality of care. The data produced in these health facilities should enhance the quality of care”, said Prof Mirjam van Reisen, VODAN Africa Global Coordinator.

The version of CEDAR deployed was retooled by our technical team to reflect the unique scenarios in each country. It also has the capacity to capture both clinical and non-clinical data.