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Dr. Lieve Fransen Presents The Importance of FAIR Data for AI-driven Global Health at the European Policy Centre, February 2024

VODAN was represented at the meeting of the European Policy Centre held in Brussels on 13 February 2024. Dr. Lieve Fransen addressed the meeting with a perspective on the importance of FAIR Data for AI-driven Global Health.

As an example, VODAN was discussed as an operational network that provides patient data, health data, and research data in a way that data is FAIR - Findable, Accessible under well-defined conditions, Interoperable and Reusable, as well as based on data ownership, localization of data production and regulatory compliance.

The other speakers at the meeting emphasized the importance of understanding Global Health as an interdisciplinary concern with emphasis given to the issue of climate change and social inequality as predictors of health and well-being. David Nabarro spoke on the importance of health sovereignty, health autonomy, and people’s well-being as the central focus of global health approaches.

The discussion recognized the relevance of the VODAN proposal of an African Health Data Space and the need for standards to ensure interoperability with the European Health Data Space. The meeting asked for FAIR as a standard to create a FAIR by Design interoperable and secure data space for global health.

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