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VODAN Collaborates With EEPA on Digital Inclusion and Ethical Data Pipeline

vodan-collaborates-with-eepa-on-digital-inclusion-and-ethical data pipeline

The Value-driven Ownership of Data and Accessibility Network (VODAN) has partnered with the European External Programme With Africa (EEPA) to support neglected communities to have a voice, digital presence, and rights. This Partnership between VODAN and EEPA will create a stronger platform for Data Equity and Ethical Inclusive AI.

This collaboration will develop and use the federated data space of VODAN to enhance refugees' rights, patient's rights and services, and health research data on neglected diseases.

Over the years, EEPA has been advancing European partnerships with Africa and the Global South. The organization has been helping communities without voice find representation in advocacy for their human rights, including digital rights for neglected communities, refugees, and migrants.

The VODAN EEPA Network will include 88 health facilities in 9 countries in Africa and 11 universities across Europe and Africa. This network fits into the VODAN goal of creating an African Health Data Space.


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