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VODAN Africa Rebrands to Value-driven Ownership of Data and Accessibility Network

The foremost platform for the creation of real-time, high-velocity clinical observational patient data from resource-limited communities, VODAN-Africa, has rebranded into Value-driven Ownership of Data and Accessibility Network.

The new name captures the aspirations of the VODAN Africa Leadership and the broader community in making it a Centre for expanding the network of stakeholders who produce or use data. Under the new Value-driven Ownership of Data and Accessibility Network, the vision and mission are now bolder, clearer, and recognizable. So, VODAN is now poised to create an African Health Data Space and a European Health Data Space based on Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) Data based on Ownership, Localization, and Regulatory Compliance. This will be achieved through the development of quality data pipelines in Africa and beyond.

Furthermore, success for VODAN can be described as establishing a common norm centered around FAIR Data and data ownership. It is worthy noting that central to the work of VODAN is data curation, and data that is FAIRified at the point of creation of the data instance. Thus, VODAN is being operationalized to provide services to help FAIRify Data and seeks the support of both the European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) in developing standards for data interoperability and reuse.

Lastly, VODAN is an equal partnership between African and European Universities. Previously, it was a collaboration of universities in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, Liberia, and Tunisia. The European universities are Leiden University and Tilburg University, both in The Netherlands.

VODAN presented this week at the Go FAIR Lorentz workshop establishing the global pathway for the next ten years. The conclusions will be shared on Friday when dignitaries and policymakers will join the meeting to discuss conclusions. VODAN is honoured by the presence on Friday of Hon. Chief Charumbira, President of the Pan African Parliament.