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VODAN Africa Executive Secretary, Prof Francisca Oladipo Appointed to Serve on Project For ICT Development in the Nigerian University System


The VODAN-Africa Executive Secretary and the Vice-Chancellor Thomas Adewumi University Nigeria, Prof Francisca Oladipo, has been appointed by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) to serve as a member of the committee for a project on ICT development in the Nigerian Universities System (NUC).

In a letter conveyed by the Coordinator of Special Projects, Dr. Joshua Atah, on behalf of the Executive Secretary, the committee has been constituted to "verify the eligibility of universities responding to calls for proposals" in line with the project's guidelines. The project aims to achieve the following:

  • Enhance ICT infrastructure, governance, and use in teaching and learning in selected universities.
  • Develop minimum standards for institutional ICT deployments that will ensure the sustenance of the objectives of an ICT reform
  • Encourage individual institutions to adapt to the minimum standards

Prof Oladipo is also a Fellow of the Pan-Africa Scientific Research Council, and the International Projects Synergy and Support Lead, for the NUFFIC Regional and Ethiopia Projects for KIU, and Dutch Partners.

The VODAN Africa Team congratulates Prof Oladipo on this appointment.