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Insights From VODAN Africa Presentation: The use of Federated Analysis Methodology in Epidemiological Early Data Warning


How can disease/viral outbreaks be detected before happening? Ruduan Plug gave an insight into how federated analysis methodology can be used to achieve this. 

The following points were noted

  • Granular data should be controlled per locale
  • Queries are then performed on clusters of locale
  • Then necessary computations are performed within locale
  • Per locale results are retrieved and aggregated at the cluster level 

Use Case 1: Emergent Diseases

Emergent diseases are infectious diseases that appeared newly in a population, or maybe not new but the number of incidences is increasing in geographical range. 

Federated analysis can provide a powerful tool for early warning systems. It also identifies deviations from community norms at the cluster level. Lastly, it can expedite the time horizon of the reidentification of emergent diseases per locale. 

Use Case 2: Population Health

The federated data is built around dynamic health communities. This provides health monitoring for the local population and provides rapid warning and early evidence for population health risks. Additionally, federated data allows for community-wide adjustments to rapidly changing situations. Lastly, it is easier to local and global health situations by using the same vocabulary.

Watch Ruduan Plug Presentation on VODAN Epidemiological Early Warning With Federated Data