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VODAN Africa Programme Document 2022-2024

Creating a FAIR Digital Health Information System

Data Ownership in Africa

Digitalizing patient health records in Africa is critically important to improving health outcomes at the primary care level. This can make a revolutionary leap with FAIR guidelines - creating machine operable data that is Findable, Accessible, under well-defined conditions, Interoperable and Reusable.

The objectives are to move to digital - the smart FAIR way:

  • To create ownership and control over sensitive health patient data
  • To create insights in health analytics at the health facility level to help doctors see trends and potential population challenges and epidemic risks from the data and help planning
  • To create insights at the regional and national levels in analytics across health facilities and help policymakers in taking decisions
  • To create an African Health Data Space, with a federated data pipeline production that can support smart queries, digital interoperability based on data strictly held in residence of health facilities

Figures of Achievement Today

  • Includes health facilities in 9 countries in Africa
  • Deployed in 60 health facilities
  • Preparing to deploy in 28 additional facilities
  • Structured data production of Outpatient Data
  • Records, Mother, and Child care and COVID-data
  • Data produced in real-time
  • Data is entered only by a data clerk, but interoperable and generates parallel use-cases simultaneously which is efficient
  • Data processing is completely compatible with GDPR and regulatory frameworks in place while allowing cross-border analytics

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