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Prof Mirjam van Reisen speaks on How VODAN Africa is Set to Transform Digital Health Data in Africa


From September 1-2, 2021, Prof. Mirjam van Reisen, VODAN Africa Global Coordinator gave a presentation on the proposed VODAN Africa Architecture. The presentation analyzed the current state of health management systems in Africa. According to Prof. van Reisen, these health systems are characterized by the following

  • Low data ownership
  • Data security issue
  • Insufficient interoperability
  • Missing practical information

The proposed VODAN Africa Architecture has the following capabilities for clinics/hospitals, research (universities) data, and research/clinical data

Clinical Data Architecture

  • Dashboard for analytics within the clinics and hospitals
  • Reachable address as CEDAR Data Point
  • VODAN Africa Dashboard

Research Data Architecture

  • Dashboard for data analytics within the university
  • Reachable address as a CEDAR Data Point
  • Clinical Data Dashboard
  • Research Data Dashboard

Stakeholders expected to engage with the VODAN Africa System

  • WHO/GO FAIR/VODAN Community
  • Ministry of Health
  • Data Stewards and Technology Partners
  • Health Workforce
  • Health Facility