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NUFFIC Presidency Approves FAIR Data Courses as Part of the Digital Innovation and Skills Hub (DISH)


On Monday, December 20th, 2021, the NUFFIC Presidency approved the FAIR Data course developed as part of the NUFFIC Digital Innovation and Skills Hub (DISH) Program. This was made known by Prof. Mirjam van Reisen, the Global Coordinator of VODAN Africa during the end of the year meeting.

“I am happy to announce that the NUFFIC Presidency has approved the FAIR Data Courses for the DISH Program. This will enable us to institutionalize the knowledge of FAIR Data Management and the training of data stewards”, said Prof van Reisen.

The Fair Data Course is the third part of the Computer Science Curriculum of the NUFFIC DISH Program. The VODAN Executive Coordinator Prof Francisca Oladipo served as the Course Lead, while Dr. Sakinat Folorunsho (VODAN Africa Nigeria Team Lead), Aliya Aktau (VODAN Africa Technical Expert), and Ezekiel Ogundepo (VODAN Africa Member) were the module developers.

The FIAR Data Course consists of the following modules – Introduction to Data Science 2, Introduction to Regulatory Framework, FAIR Data Management, Semantic Data, FAIR Data Point Installation, and FAIR Data for Health.

According to the Course Lead, Prof Oladipo, “This course focused on a basic understanding of statistical thinking, machine learning methods in data science as well as the Principles of FAIR Data, FAIR Data Trains, FAIR Data Points, its installation, and FAIRification procedures. In addition, the regulatory frameworks, data, and data privacy laws of individual countries will be examined to understand how FAIR Data Principles can contribute to health and research development in those countries”

The Course was designed for a duration of 3-months, and the course materials will be available on the Online Learning Management System (LMS) of Kampala International University (KIU). Also, the course will be translated into Tigrinya, Juba Arabic, Arabic, and Somali.